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Dear Cotswold Residents,


With the vinyl siding project and painting finished we’d like to continue to keep our community looking pristine and beautiful.


A few reminders for all residents of Cotswold on the Green.  These are outlined in our Rules and Regulations and all residents must adhere.

Community Space:

- The speed limit on Cotswold Circle is 20 MPH.  Police will be monitoring our street to ensure anyone exceeding the speed limit is ticketed.

- Do not park in Fire lanes. These zones are identified by painted roadways, yellow curbs and as indicated by "No Parking Fire Zone" signs. By parking in fire lanes, you are putting you and your neighbors at risk for firefighters not able to handle an emergency situation. Any vehicles parked in fire zones will be subject to removal by towing

- The tennis courts cannot be used as a dog park. Please walk your dog in marked areas only.

- Due to the limited number of parking spaces available, all owners or Occupants possessing two or more vehicles must utilize their garage as a parking space for one of the vehicles.  Only one vehicle per Unit is permitted to use the parking lot. Only visitors may park in marked visitor spaces. 



- Do not modify/deface the vinyl siding.  This includes, but not limited to: drilling into siding to hang flower pots, flag pole, cable wires or any other objects. Any damage to the siding will result in replacement of the siding paid for by resident.

- House #’s must be black and 4 inches tall and installed by home owner. (These are available at Lowes)

- Please keep your area around your townhome neat and clean.

- No bulk garbage shall be left out for more than two days within scheduled pick up time.

- Garbage cans shall be removed from the Common Elements by 8PM on pick-up day, and in no event be left out overnight.

- No alterations of any kind shall be made to the Common Elements or Unit exteriors without the prior written permission of the Association. Please complete the property modification request form which is available on the Cotswold website.  


Any deviations to these rules may result in violation and/or fines.


Please refer to the Rules and Regulations on the Documents page for a complete list.


Thank you!

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